The SFS Fixed Income Fund (“SFS FIF” or “The Fund”) is an open-ended Collective Investment Scheme duly registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria (“SEC”). The Fund was launched in May 2014 and is managed by SFS Capital Nigeria Limited.

The SFS Fixed Income Fund is a Double AA rated and carefully designed Savings/Financial Planning product. The Fund invests primarily in high yielding securities issued by Federal Government of Nigeria, sub-nationals and highly rated corporate institutions (with at least an “A” rating by a SEC registered rating agency). SFS FIF is a low risk financial planning product with an investor base ranging from retail to institutional clients. The Fund makes distributions to unit holders on a quarterly basis. In addition, the Fund qualifies for investment by Pension Fund Administrators in Nigeria as regulated by the National Pension Commission (“PENCOM”).

The Fund is aimed at resident and non-resident individual and institutional investors that:

>   require liquidity and have a low risk appetite; and

>   seek to benefit from prevailing and historically high interest rates in Nigeria in an optimal manner.

The Fund is formed by pooling funds of several individual and corporate investors which gives the Fund greater “bargaining power” to obtain higher levels of interest rates when investing. The manager of the fund seeks to deliver a minimum return of 12% p.a. to its subscribers and this affects the investment and trading policy of the fund.

With a minimum starting investment of N10,000, the fund offers, Low risks, competitive returns, higher rates than standard bank savings accounts, flexibility alongside the experience and track record of SFS Capital’s investment Management team in the Nigerian financial market.