Q. What is The SFS Fixed Income Fund?

The SFS Fixed Income Fund is a Double AA rated and carefully designed Savings/Financial Planning product. SFS Fixed Income Fund as the name implies has a target to ensure that investors get a Fixed minimum rate of return (currently in excess of 12% p.a.) in addition to the Fixed principal. The Fund managers will achieve this by investing exclusively in the following:

>   FGN Backed Instruments: FGN Bonds and Treasury Bills (Triple A Rated, FGN Guaranteed)

>   Blue Chip corporates (Minimum ‘A’ rating): Commercial Papers & Bank Placements

Q. How does the SFS Fixed Income Fund work?

A. The Fund is formed by pooling funds of several individual and corporate investors which gives the Fund greater “bargaining power” to obtain higher levels of interest rates when investing. The manager of the fund seeks to deliver a minimum return of 12% p.a. to its subscribers and this affects the investment and trading policy of the fund.

Q. Is there a guaranteed Rate of Return on an investment in the SFS Fixed Income Fund?

A. No. The return on the Fund is dependent on money market trends and interest rates obtainable in the Nigerian Financial Market. Notwithstanding the Fund manager is highly skilled and targets a minimum return of 12% p.a. while minimizing risk.

Q. What are the advantages of investing in the SFS Fixed Income Fund?

A. There are many advantages including:

Security: The Fund has an AA rating. This is partly because the fund focuses on investing in risk-free FGN Backed instruments (AAA rating) and Blue chip corporate Fixed income instruments (Minimum of A rating). The Funds focus on Fixed Income emphasises that the Fund’s primary focus is capital preservation/SAFETY.

Liquidity: The Fund is very liquid and payment will be effected within 5 working days of the Fund Manager’s receipt of the redemption form and electronic certificate.

Competitive Yields: We expect the yields offered by the Fund to be more competitive than the rates paid similar investments. Our investment style of targeting a minimum yield of 12% p.a. is unique and was carefully chosen.

Expertise: Investing in the SFS Fixed Income Fund offers you the opportunity to enjoy the professional fund management expertise of the Fund Manager.

Diversification: The SFS Fixed Income Fund is a Unit Trust that holds investments in a full range of instruments with numerous institutions, thereby offering the opportunity to achieve good returns from a diversified portfolio of Fixed Income investments while minimizing risks.

Financial Planning: The Fund is a financial Planning product, and subscribers are constantly updated with financial planning tools, advice and recommendations on loans, mortgages, insurance, education planning etc.

Q. Are there any penalties for withdrawing my funds?

A. No, there are no penalties for withdrawals. However, redemptions within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of the Unit Statement, will incur a processing fee of 0.5% of the Redemption proceeds.

Q. What is the minimum initial amount that can be invested in the SFS Fixed Income Fund?

A. The minimum initial amount that can be invested is N10,000.00. Units of sale are in initial subscriptions of 10,000 units and multiples of 10,000 units thereafter.

Q. What is the minimum amount I can withdraw from the SFS Fixed Income Fund?

A. The minimum amount which can be withdrawn from the Fund are units worth N5,000.00 on the day the redemption documents are submitted. Units worth N5,000.00 must be retained in the portfolio before a part redemption can be executed. Kindly note that our preferred mode of payment for redemptions is electronic account transfers, no cheques or drafts will be issued.

Q. Can I invest for my children and my investment club?

A. Yes, it is possible to invest for minors, clubs and groups.

Q. Do I get a receipt or certificate?

A. Yes, you get both a receipt and an e-certificate. The acknowledgement copy of the Application Form constitutes your receipt while an e-certificate, indicating the number of units held by you will be forwarded to you via email by us.

Q. How do I monitor my investment?

A. Subscribers would have on-line access to their investment details. Also, SFS Capital has a dedicated help desk to meet additional requirements and enquires

Q. Can I use my holdings in the SFS Fixed Income Fund as collateral for a loan?

A. Yes, many banks will accept units of the Fund as collateral for bank loans. However, this depends on each bank’s lending policy.

Q. Does the SFS Fixed Income Fund pay dividends?

A. Distributions will be made to Unitholders quarterly on the Distribution Payment Date and in the event that Distributions are payable in cash, Unit holders have the option of receiving same in their nominated account or reinvesting them in New Units at the current Price.

Q. I have changed my name; how do I effect this change on my mutual fund investment details?

A. Simply do a formal letter requesting for a change of name and submit same at our office address. However, please note that this letter is to be supported with the following documents;

>   Newspaper publication of change of name

>   Marriage certificate (where applicable)

>   Sworn Affidavit of change of name

>   Bankers’ Confirmation Letter

Q. What is the procedure for Foreign Investors to invest?

A. As a Foreign Investor, all you need to do is, make a payment into our foreign bank account (details below) and then forward a scanned copy of the completed Form to sfsinvestments@sfsnigeria.com. The purpose of the funds being transferred must be stated on the SWIFT message i.e. “Investment in SFS Fixed Income Fund” to enable a Certificate of Capital Importation (CCI) be issued. The prevailing exchange rate on the day the funds are received into our account will be applied to convert the funds to naira. When the subscriber sends scanned copy of their form, please note that he/she will not be required to send the original form. The Foreign investors can also repatriate the funds upon submission of their CCI and other redemption documents when redeeming. Account Details:


Account Name: Deutsche Bank Trust Coy. Americas

Address: P.O. Box 318, Church Street Station New York, NY 10008-0318

Swift Code: BKTRUS33

Routing no: 21001033

Account no: 04-180-168

Account Name:  Skye Bank Plc


Account Name: Deutsche Bank AG London

Address: 6, Bishopsgate, London EC2N, 4DA


Account no: 3066990000

Account Name:  Skye Bank Plc

Sort Code: 23-01-76

IBAN No: GB25DEUT40508130669900